Our Labs

Labcorp, the world’s leading healthcare diagnostics company, is focused on our mission to improve health and improve lives. Since 1981, Labcorp has tested and evaluated millions of relationship cases for customers throughout the world providing fast, affordable and reliable results you can trust.

At Labcorp, every DNA sample received into our Identity testing laboratory is tested twice by two independent teams of technicians to insure quality results. Labcorp performs DNA testing using only validated techniques and procedures that are commonly accepted within the scientific and legal communities.

Collection Services

Labcorp offers more than 13,000 certified collection facilities. Our extensive network of certified DNA collection facilities throughout the United States and internationally allows Labcorp to provide convenient times and locations for DNA specimen collection. Specimens are collected utilizing a painless and non-invasive collection process which consists of using a cotton swab, also referred to as a buccal swab, which is gently rubbed against the inside of the cheek to collect the DNA.

Legal Results

Labcorp's relationship testing follows stringent testing standards and procedures and provides unsurpassed expertise. Labcorp follows the strictest chain-of-custody processes. Expert testimony to support relationship testing results issued by Labcorp can be arranged upon request.