Twin Testing

Twin DNA testing can be used to confirm if two individuals are identical or non-identical (fraternal) twins. Should a twin need an organ or tissue transplant, an identical twin would be an optimal donor in most instances.


When should I use a legal test?

A legal DNA test should be performed if the results will be used for legal purposes such as child support, immigration, social security benefits or inheritance claims. A legal test should be be performed by an accredited laboratory, such as LabCorp, utilizing chain-of-custody procedures.

What type of sample is collected in a legal test?

The most common sample type is a buccal swab. This sample is collected using a cotton swab that is gently rubbed on the inside of your cheek.  Blood samples are also acceptable.

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At-home twin DNA tests are commonly called non-legal tests. DNA samples for at-home tests are collected by individuals in the privacy of their own home. They provide the same information as a legal DNA test, but they are not intended for use in a court of law. If there is a possibility that the results might be needed for legal purposes, a legal test should be performed.

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