Legal Tribal Enrollment Testing

DNA testing can be performed between a known tribal member and another individual to determine if they have a biological relationship.


When should I use a legal DNA test?

A legal test should be performed by an accredited laboratory, such as LabCorp, utilizing proper chain-of-custody procedures. A documented chain of custody may be required for DNA tests that will be used for tribal enrollment purposes. 

What type of sample is collected in a legal test?

The most common sample type is a buccal swab. This sample is collected using a cotton swab that is gently rubbed on the inside of your cheek. Blood samples are also acceptable.

How will my DNA sample be used?

Labcorp will use your genetic sample only for the Tribal Enrollment relationship testing requested. 

A genetic sample collected for Tribal Enrollment relationship testing will not be used for research to answer medical or other scientific questions.

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